Finish science degree… apply to closest of four main companies… apply to the other three companies… join the public sectors

8 February 2018

This seems to be the experience of many Northern Irish Science graduates, including myself BUT it doesn’t have to be that way!

Since joining the fast paced world of recruitment my eyes have been opened to a diverse range of interesting roles within science, many of which would never enter a young graduates mind. From chemically etching aeroplane wings to developing fire retardant bricks. The roles are interesting, progressive and unique.

Ever thought of a career in Construction?

The old image of the Construction industry as labourers balancing on steel beams or weather worn men digging in deep holes is gradually changing to an all-inclusive picture from male and female project managers using state of the art I.T systems, to Health and Safety Managers changing industry safety behaviours and cultures.

Whatever area of science you come from, you should have a good base for a career in construction. Most construction manufacturing and production firms will have quality technicians, researchers, document controllers or even innovation managers. These positions could be stepping-stones to more senior construction positions. If you have the motivation and drive to really forge a construction career and make sure you have a wide variety of progressive roles to move onto, then adding extra qualifications to your CV will always help. The amount of college courses and online certificates available is staggering. You could achieve a City and Guilds in Construction Management, NEBOSH Certificate in Health and Safety or a Prince 2 Foundation or Diploma in Project Management and become a real asset to any firm.

Then we come to the technical interviews, which can seem daunting to even the most experienced scientist, but fear not, there are some very easy and successful steps you can take beforehand to increase your chances of being placed. The science director at Yakult UK put forward 4 of my personal favourites:

  1. Read up on your interviewer (company)
  2. Develop your scientific writing skills and don’t feel the need to add big words
  3. Get together with fellow scientists and join relevant societies
  4. Practice presentations everywhere and anywhere

However, one of the main barriers to being placed in a good role is not, as many would suspect, qualifications or experience. It is often the willingness of a candidate to be flexible in terms of travel, hours of work or choice of industry. When speaking to the most successful science construction professionals in industry, it becomes apparent that they all share one thing in common, an opportunistic career path created by willingness and flexibility.

At MCS Group we can help provide you with the right support as to what career moves will fit best with your motivations. Through significant experience working across industries including construction, manufacturing science and pharmaceuticals we can help you gain greater confidence in making the right decision. To find out about the latest roles throughout Northern Ireland or if you simply need further advice on your career, please contact a member of our specialist Technical & Engineering team on 02890 235 456.



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