What do you think about when you are recruiting?

9 April 2018

To ensure you make the best choices in your recruitment campaign for results which will help drive business performance and efficiency I have noted 3 key metrics for you to think about.

The need to hire within your business is generally a reaction to a circumstance. For example; your business is expanding and you need to increase headcount, someone exits the business and you need to replace them, an internal promotion has been made and you need to back fill or maternity leave. These are the key factors deemed to be most common for a business looking to recruit however is often done without the true thought and attention needed.

Quality of the Hire

Identify exactly what responsibility this hire will have as by doing so you will be able to drill down on the experience, skillset and competencies which will fit into the business/team. Engaging with a recruitment partner to assist in the hire allows the early stages of shortlisting and initial screening to be done on your behalf, freeing up your invaluable time to focus on your business. Ensure to meet the prospective hire on more than one occasion as this gives a more relaxed conversation allowing a more informed decision for both as sometimes initial interview processes can be very ‘stilted’.

When it comes to ensuring you hire and retain ‘top talent’ it is also worth finding out how they performed in previous jobs, how they communicated and interacted with their previous colleagues and clients as ultimately this allows you to measure how they will perform.

The Time to Hire

The timing of the hire is a crucial and there are a number of factors which need to be considered. In an ideal world you can filter in how long the recruitment process will take to ensure the business is not left in a vulnerable position in the interim however this is not always the case and can lead to pressure on existing team members and the business potentially losing money. 

Things to note when recruiting are;

  • Why the position is open
  • What have you done about filling the position
  • Are you getting assistance from a recruitment partner
  • What the dynamic of the team is currently like and what a ‘good fit’ looks like
  • Ensuring you have adequate time in your planner to interview candidates quickly and to not leave the turnaround process too long

Cost of Hire 

Costs accumulated with hiring can vary depending on the level of hire and the process undertaken to do so and are unique to each business.

Internal costs include salaries and benefits, training, overtime for existing staff in the interim period, interim hires. External costs refer to engaging with a recruitment partner, advertising and consulting, for example.

Additionally, it is also worth noting what costs could be incurred should the process not run smoothly. Unfortunately, these costs are not always monetary, so by mapping out the process fully before proceeding ensures the correct decisions are made and you see a good return on your investment.

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