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5 Reasons to Quit Perm and Go Contracting

9 October 2017

We are currently seeing companies' time to hire creep up and stretch out over several weeks, and so employers are more and more often turning to contractors and temps to fill roles and ease the pain.

The NI tech market is made up of a mixture of out-and-out contractors and permanent staff, but with the demand for contractors increasing, more and more permanent staff are making the leap and jumping into their first contract roles.

But why? What are the advantages of contracting? And why might it be the right move for you?

  1. The Money                                                                                                                                                              Let's not sugar coat it, 99% of contractors do it for the money. It is an INCREDIBLY lucrative way to work, with experienced contractors charging £350+ per day and more for their services. For a role that would pay you £45k as a permanent employee, you could potentially earn £70k+ as a contractor. This in itself is normally incentive enough to move away from the permanent slog and get into the fast-paced contract market.
  1. The Diversity                                                                                                                                                               Contracting means you can move from company to company, and project to project, without having to justify having a CV as long as your leg. Contractors are supposed to move around. Its expected of them. You aren't seen as a job hopper, you are an in demand contractor!! This means that you will get a real diversity of experience and will have the chance to work on numerous projects, meaning days are never the same and you look forward to getting up in the morning!
  1. The Flexibility                                                                                                                                                            Ok so you don't get paid holidays...Who cares? You can legitimately afford to take a couple of months off during the year, taking your time between contracts and getting some well-deserved R&R, knowing that you will still be in demand at the other end of the month!
  1. Job Satisfaction                                                                                                                                                              If you are in a permanent role, changing jobs can be a minefield and potentially highly stressful. So, if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in a role that just doesn't tick all the boxes, it can be hard to move, and much easier to make excuses that the next day will be better. With contracting, you can move. With many contracts being 3-6 or 12months, you won't have to put up with low job satisfaction for long.
  1. No Corporate Politics                                                                                                                                                    As a contractor, you are excused from a lot of the meetings and saved from a lot of the red tape and corporate politics. You are there to do a job, and everything else outside of that job is someone else's problem. This frees you up to code, or test or manage or do whatever it is you are there to do, without getting hung up on the politics and schoolyard nonsense.


If you are reading this and thinking, 'You know what, it's time for a change,' I would love to hear from you. Give me, Jill Biggart, a call on 02890 23 54 56 for a confidential conversation about potential contracting roles for you.


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