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Is your Recruiter working for you? Some comments on culture, service and choice…

30 March 2017

I recently worked with a senior candidate who is now very much looking forward to starting their new role with a fantastic tech firm in the local market. The process had been seamless and straightforward; from our initial meeting they’d detailed their career aspirations, what technologies they wanted to work with and ultimately what would really interest them day-to-day in a new role.

From those early discussions we were able to talk them through the market and the wide array of different companies we represent. Cue several interviews and meetings with prospective new employers, we were soon at offer stage with their first choice – all within 7 working days.

After meeting this candidate for a catch-up coffee, a particular remark they’d shared with me struck a chord. Prior to working with MCS Group, the candidate had ‘stumbled across’ and began working with another recruiter. This recruiter had spoken to them about one single job they’d been working on (all in a vague manner). Feeling slightly pressured, the candidate had entered into the process without serious conviction and quite quickly realised this was not a company or position they could see themselves in long term. Despite asking repeatedly if there were other options, they were either told ‘no’, there was nothing at their level or drip-fed options that were irrelevant (a case of the wrong technologies/location of the company for example).

The candidate was a little perturbed as to why this had happened – especially when they had had a very different experience of working with MCS Group. To me, it was very clear that said recruiter was simply trying to ‘crowbar’ this candidate into their open role, despite never really listening to their aspirations or needs. It got me thinking about how the culture of a consultancy can have a big effect on the type of service both candidates and clients receive. In the ‘every man for themselves’ culture we see time and again candidates being pushed into roles that aren’t a fit, and potentially missing out on their perfect job.

It’s very similar on the employer side, it’s shocking to think that a particular company may miss out on their perfect hire simply because a particular consultant would rather send/force them into a role that’s been open a while (often with the view to making a quick sale!) After all, companies engage with (and ultimately pay) recruitment consultancies to give them choice and help discover hard-to-find talent.

We have the largest IT recruitment team in NI, we work with the widest spread of companies and technology firms and are therefore best poised to give you the best choice in terms of options and roles in the local market. In short, if your recruiter isn’t (a)listening to you and what you want in a career move and (b) giving you choice – then you’re working with the wrong recruiter!

Chris is a Senior Consultant at MCS Group, specialising in recruiting top talent across FinTech and Software in Northern Ireland.

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