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Local Manufacturing/Engineering - It's Still Booming!

29 April 2016

Over the past number of months, years even Northern Ireland has seen its fair share of job losses across the manufacturing/engineering sector. With the news of job losses across JTI, Michelin, Bombardier and Caterpillar along with several other organisations it has been a difficult time for the industry. This news has spread an element of uncertainty and having spoken with many job seekers a common thought/fear seems to be that this industry is at an all-time low.

This is not the case and contrary to the bad news stories we have a different story to tell. We have seen an increase in job flow across a range of companies and have also heard some of the positive, good news stories that manufacturing is still booming. Many companies are continuing to grow very successfully this includes small – medium sized firms that have always remained steady even when times were tough.

Some of the recent good news stories within the industry include;

  • ‘Bombardier's £4bn jet order is 'tipping point' that will secure future of Belfast workforce’
    (Belfast Telegraph)
  • ‘Montupet set for expansion as company is sold for £629m’ (Belfast Telegraph)
  • ‘£3.2m Investment and 50 New Jobs Announced at Leckey’ (Invest NI)
  • ‘Bloc Blinds creating almost 100 new jobs for Magherafelt’ (Belfast Telegraph)
  • ‘CDE to create 110 new jobs in Cookstown, County Tyrone’ (BBC News)
  • ‘Boris Johnson: London mayor confirms £62m Wrightbus order’ (BBC News)
  • ‘Huhtamaki has made a £4.9m investment in new machinery at its Lurgan site, creating 12 new full-time jobs.’ (Packaging News)

As you can see from these few stories there is positive movement out there and this hopefully can assure you that opportunities are available.

But what about those who are facing unfortunate times – redundancy?

When it comes to redundancy this is without a doubt one of the most stressful situations to be in but take a moment to assess opportunities and you will soon see that when one door closes another opens. This could be the opportunity that you have been waiting for to find a new challenge or change career pathways, either way redundancy doesn’t always have to be a dirty or negative word any longer.

Steps to take when redundancy strikes:

  1. Make sure you have an updated CV – highlight key achievements throughout your time in employment and think of your CV as a sales pitch (would you employ you?)
  2. Make contact with supportive services; agencies, job boards or companies to identify suitable opportunities. Do not just apply for everything as this could cause frustration for you in the long run (applying and not getting the results can be soul destroying)
  3. Be prepared for interviews ahead of having an interview pull out solid examples and use the STAR technique to provide full all round answers.
  4. Most importantly give plenty of detail at an interview and BE CONFIDENT, after all it is your career, who better to sell it than you!

MCS Group currently work with a wide range of engineering/manufacturing clients and have worked with candidates to enhance CV’s, Interview techniques and provided guidance/advice throughout the journey. We aim to support every candidate throughout the recruitment process to make it as painless as possible and would be happy to hear from any clients or candidates in need of support. 


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