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Modern Day Accountancy

9 May 2016

There have been significant changes in the Accountancy sector in recent times, such as the impact of ‘Big Data’ and the noticeable integration between Technology and Finance leading to an increased demand for combined accounting & IT skills in the marketplace.

Due to the demand for people with experience and expertise across both Finance and IT, we are seeing a different kind of role emerging more often with the growth of data management and its link with the world of Finance.

Additionally, clients are seeking a skillset which attributes to the strategic plans for the company in which those financial partners are able to guide and shape the business moving forward and candidates most definitely are wanting to move into a position where they can make a difference in how and where the organisation develops.

Generally speaking the Accountancy sector is becoming increasingly buoyant, as the economy improves and investment increases. There is an increased demand for skilled professionals across Industry & Commerce and Public Practice, and we are finding that whilst there are good quality candidates here, they is a steady flow of ‘returners’ coming northwards from Dublin and further afield. Due to the positive movements in the economy across Northern Ireland due to FDI etc., larger corporate entities are attracted to setting up their shared service or specialist centres in Belfast and surrounding areas which increases the demand for specific skills and enhances the ‘want’ of those who have left NI to come back.

There has also been a marked increase in graduate analyst positions as well as in data analysis jobs, in addition to opportunities driven by the development of large-scale operations here by the likes of utilities firms and professional practices. This is an excellent opportunity for our graduates to platform with some of NI’s leading organisations whilst working towards their professional qualification. 



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