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What Do Employees And Apple Products Have In Common?

17 September 2014

If somehow you’re unaware, yesterday Apple held an event to a full crowd expanding their existing product range in the form of two new iPads, two new iMacs and updating their operating system. The event was broadcast on their website and every newspaper across the planet was covering the event.

At each of Apple’s events they announce updates on their core products making them better, faster, lighter, and more powerful. While there was nothing untoward or completely revolutionary at this event, there were advances in the technology. They’d all been updated to the best features currently available, the iPad Air thinner, the iPad mini with touch ID and the iMac with retina display showcasing their 5k display.

In the conclusion of the event there was a striking image that Tim Cook showed on his presentation that encased Apple’s core product range, moving from the smallest product to the largest; the iWatch all the way up to iMac. While this was more about the beauty of their products it struck a different chord with me. All the products have the same sort of Apple look, they are all similar in their way and obviously that is part of the brand image and it’s clear to see, but what is my point?

While all these products are so similar they each have their own place and fit within the company and employees should be no different.  Employees need to make themselves indispensable while in the job and be able to be recognised for what they bring to the role. Whenever Apple see’s that sales of one product are slowing down they update it or if things are really that bad they stop producing it. If you look at the iPod (remember that thing?) it’s what turned Apple into the giant it is today and now its non-existent. Times change but if the iPod was indispensable there would still be room for it today, and this is the key message for employees. If you push yourself to better yourself you will soon become indispensable. This all sounds a bit cliché but there is a way to achieve this, and you won’t be left to do it on your own.

Look at the Apple products, they are all pretty much the same components, if one product gets a new feature it’ll be used in most if not all of the other products. The sense of one pushing the other forward and this principal is vital for a workforce. You want to be able to work with each other to improve yourself as an individual and a team. If one employee is getting better results, the rest will look at this and start to copy whatever the reason for the improvement is. Of course it helps that Apple products have a similar operating system allowing for greater synergy but in reality a workforce should have their own synergy.

In keeping with all things Apple, Steve Jobs said that, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. If a company is filled with people encompassing this then the workforce will flourish. Individually you need to work hard and seek improvement, while as a team you need to be able to challenge each other to bring the best out of everyone. When this occurs you will be indispensable or in other words you’re less iPod and more iPad!



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