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How the IT landscape in NI has changed over the last 5 years

18 Sep 2018

Our own Chris Busby reflects on the IT landscape in Northern Ireland and talks about the changes he has seen take place over the last 5 years.

“OK Google, find me a job” - Introducing 'Google Job Search'

10 Aug 2018

At long last, Google has launched its ‘Google Job Search’ offering in the UK after a successful launch in the US last year. So, what does this mean for potential job seekers?

Why work in FinTech?

21 Mar 2018

I was recently asked by a software engineer who was exploring new options in the market what it was like to work in Financial Technology.

Modern Day Accountancy

9 May 2016

There have been significant changes in the Accountancy sector in recent times, such as the impact of ‘Big Data’ and the noticeable integration between Technology and Finance leading to an increased demand for combined accounting & IT skills in the marketplace.

The House of Tomorrow, Today

15 Apr 2016

The Internet of things is rapidly expanding and ever evolving, it is believed that it is going to change our lives for the better with smart houses and smart cities often cited as being the next big thing.