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Why are some companies in NI outperforming the market when sourcing the best Technical Talent?

19 Oct 2021

Sean Devlin, Director of MCS Solutions, updates the state of play in the market in Technology Recruitment. The “Great Resignation”, The rapid rise in new jobs, what we can expect the rest of the year and most importantly, why some companies are outperforming the market and building their teams despite the challenges.

Written by: Sean Devlin

From Rugby to Recruitment...Adam's Journey

23 Sep 2019

When Adam retired from rugby, he considered various career options from coaching to going back to university. Hear about his journey into recruitment.

Improving HR Functions through Video Technologies

4 Jul 2019

Utilising video technologies can help HR departments to disperse messages consistently with high accuracy effectively and videos can help recruit quality job-seekers

One Export We Aren't Proud of....

24 Jun 2019

What is Northern Ireland’s greatest export area? Is it our medical equipment, agriculture or even our coveted whiskey? We explore an export we don't want to talk about.

Ever feel like you’re sleep-working?

17 Apr 2019

It used to be customary to start off in a particular career and follow that path until you retire. Luckily that’s not the case in todays working world as we are empowered to change industry or role with relative ease