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Byte Night Northern Ireland Raises Over £48,000

2 Nov 2017

So far, Northern Ireland have raised over £48,000 through Byte Night and the UK total is £910,000

Laying roots in the community to stimulate STEM careers

30 Nov 2016

Local businesses have a major part to play in inspiring talent, sharing knowledge and equipping people for the world of work, according to specialist recruitment firm, MCS Group.

Written by: MCS Group

Local Manufacturing/Engineering - It's Still Booming!

29 Apr 2016

Over the past number of months, years even Northern Ireland has seen its fair share of job losses across the manufacturing/engineering sector. Contrary to the bad news stories we have a different story to tell, showing that manufacturing is still booming.

Universal Basic Income and the Average Working Week

28 Apr 2016

As the world changes I find it intriguing how the way we see our day to day lives may change as we move into an era of technological dominance in the workplace. One proposal, Universal Basic Income is as radical an idea I’ve heard.

A great time to be working within the Food and Drink Industry in Northern Ireland

24 Apr 2016

Agri-Food is Northern Ireland’s most successful industry. Many of our biggest and most prosperous businesses are not only selling locally but driving growth through sales outside of Northern Ireland, substantially contributing to the creation of employment throughout the region.

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