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Universal Basic Income and the Average Working Week

28 Apr 2016

As the world changes I find it intriguing how the way we see our day to day lives may change as we move into an era of technological dominance in the workplace. One proposal, Universal Basic Income is as radical an idea I’ve heard.

A great time to be working within the Food and Drink Industry in Northern Ireland

24 Apr 2016

Agri-Food is Northern Ireland’s most successful industry. Many of our biggest and most prosperous businesses are not only selling locally but driving growth through sales outside of Northern Ireland, substantially contributing to the creation of employment throughout the region.

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NI's Expat Talent: Could We Be Doing More To Bring Them Back?

4 Apr 2016

We produce an exceptional number of talented, bright minds given our population; our regional exam results top the tables year after year and our education system is one of the strongest in Western Europe, yet NI still suffers from a 'brain drain'.

Looking Back On 2014

18 Dec 2014

It’s that time of year again where most people will be thinking about final preparations for Christmas, parties and presents! I’ve been lucky enough to write the last blog of 2014 and decided to reflect upon the year itself and some of the big topics.

Time To Shake Off The Gloom

24 Oct 2014

If we are to achieve the growth we demand, Northern Ireland has to change its attitude and outlook. There are amazing success stories among our business community here in Northern Ireland but too often the headlines are dictated by our woes and this negativity fuels our lack of ambition.