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Are You Considering A Move Back Home to Northern Ireland?

10 Oct 2017

The tides are beginning to turn in NI with the rise of new investment, a drive in social media presence and the ease of finding and connecting to careers, spurring an uplift in returners

5 Reasons to Quit Perm and Go Contracting

9 Oct 2017

Over the last few weeks, I have made the move from a Permanent Desk to a Contract Desk in MCS Group. This is in response to the huge demand in the local market for contractors, a demand that is still growing and will continue to do so.

Using a Recruitment Consultant vs. a Direct Application

4 Oct 2017

The recruitment sector continues to grow and as it does it can raise the question, “Why go through a recruitment consultant when I can just apply directly?”

Uni is now over…what is your next step and how are you going to get there?

12 Sep 2017

Summer 2017 is now at its conclusion and it’s back to butts for everyone. So, what now? What (new) advice can we offer to assist your job search?