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Are you making your best impression?

12 Feb 2019

Today we are in a market driven by the top talent and their ability for choice. Good talent will be active for a short period of time so it is up to you as an employer of choice to make a positive, lasting impression. Simple things can be identified in the first instance which seem non-sensical to highlight.

First Impressions Count – The Need For A Good CV

6 Feb 2019

I believe the key tool to making an imprint on a potential employer really comes from your CV. Your CV is your first introduction to a perspective employer, it’s a really excellent tool and will work well for you in your career if you do it correctly.

Are You Considering A Move Back Home to Northern Ireland?

10 Oct 2017

The tides are beginning to turn in NI with the rise of new investment, a drive in social media presence and the ease of finding and connecting to careers, spurring an uplift in returners

5 Reasons to Quit Perm and Go Contracting

9 Oct 2017

Over the last few weeks, I have made the move from a Permanent Desk to a Contract Desk in MCS Group. This is in response to the huge demand in the local market for contractors, a demand that is still growing and will continue to do so.