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5 Tips To Stand Out In The Market and Get A New Career

24 Dec 2019

Have you seen a vacancy recently that interests you but are worried about the competition? It can be challenging to stand out in the market when applying for a job, thankfully we are sharing our 5 top tips on how to stand out and get a new career.

Written by: MCS Group

Are you making your best impression?

12 Feb 2019

Today we are in a market driven by the top talent and their ability for choice. Good talent will be active for a short period of time so it is up to you as an employer of choice to make a positive, lasting impression. Simple things can be identified in the first instance which seem non-sensical to highlight.

Graduates - How to answer Tough Interview Questions

7 Aug 2018

Job interviews can be tough. If you’re not 101% prepared, questions can leave you searching anxiously for an answer. Here are some tips on how to answer two of the most common interview questions.

My Kind of Job: Chris Busby, MCS Group

30 Dec 2016

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant Chris Busby tells us more about his role at MCS Group, a firm of ethical recruitment specialists based in Belfast.

4 Simple Tips To Make Your Job Search Easier

22 Apr 2016

Finding your dream job can be difficult, we want to make sure that no one is falling through the cracks and ensure that everyone's skills are being showcased correctly. The following tips should go a long way in insuring that this doesn't happen.