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4 reasons why it's now more important than ever to be investing in your future career

18 Jun 2020

At a time when businesses are feverishly planning for the future, here's my take on why it's just as important that we are all individually doing the same..

How companies are attracting top talent in the IT & Digital industry

23 Oct 2019

We have summarised some points from candidates we’ve recently placed in FDIs for their reasons and reflections on joining new entrants to the market.

First job? Tips for surviving your probation period

18 Jul 2019

So you have secured your first job. Here are some tips and tricks to pass your probationary period with flying colours!

How to get more out of your working day

25 Apr 2019

If you’re just struggling through the working day tired and counting the hours until you get to be in bed again, there are some steps you can take. Have a read through to see how you can improve your daily grind.