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How to Write that Winning CV

31 Jul 2018

Creating your CV can be a daunting task - These 4 quick tips will help separate you from the rest.

My Kind of Job: Chris Busby, MCS Group

30 Dec 2016

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant Chris Busby tells us more about his role at MCS Group, a firm of ethical recruitment specialists based in Belfast.

First Impressions Count – The Need For A Good CV

23 Feb 2015

I believe the key tool to making an imprint on a potential employer really comes from your CV. Your CV is your first introduction to a perspective employer, it’s a really excellent tool and will work well for you in your career if you do it correctly.

5 Tips To Stand Out In The Market and Get A New Career

13 Feb 2015

Have you seen a vacancy recently that interests you but are worried about the competition? It can be challenging to stand out in the market when applying for a job, thankfully we are sharing our 5 top tips on how to stand out and get a new career.

Graduates – are you giving yourself the best start for life after Uni?

5 Jun 2014

As Spring is on its way and exam times beckon, thoughts start to turn to the new wave of potential employees for Northern Irelands IT industry. Although the IT market in NI has an excellent breadth of opportunities for graduates at the moment, there will still be plenty of competition for your dream role.

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