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Cybercrime threat to law firms; How are you protecting data and client information?

12 Nov 2019

Cyber Security is a risk for all organisations. The increased use of technology and evolving forms of data storage and communication present new forms of risk to businesses. Cybercrime is at the forefront of these risks with the annual cost to the UK estimated at £27 billion.

“OK Google, find me a job” - Introducing 'Google Job Search'

10 Aug 2018

At long last, Google has launched its ‘Google Job Search’ offering in the UK after a successful launch in the US last year. So, what does this mean for potential job seekers?

Byte Night Northern Ireland Raises Over £48,000

2 Nov 2017

So far, Northern Ireland have raised over £48,000 through Byte Night and the UK total is £910,000

Brona Cathcart...Bringing Global Experience back to Northern Ireland at MCS

30 Jan 2017

MCS Group was founded with a view to improving standards and setting a new benchmark for quality within the Northern Ireland recruitment industry.

Local Manufacturing/Engineering - It's Still Booming!

29 Apr 2016

Over the past number of months, years even Northern Ireland has seen its fair share of job losses across the manufacturing/engineering sector. Contrary to the bad news stories we have a different story to tell, showing that manufacturing is still booming.