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Why are so many Legal professionals returning or relocating to Belfast?

3 Oct 2018

Our very own David McCallum, or as we like to refer to him as Legal Dave, reflects on the changing landscape of the Legal Industry in Northern Ireland and trying to figure out why are so many legal professionals returning or relocating to Belfast.


Your Perfect Job Based on Your Personality Type

25 Sep 2018

Need to know if you are in the right career? We describe the best jobs for your personality type using the Myers-Briggs model.

How the IT landscape in NI has changed over the last 5 years

18 Sep 2018

Our own Chris Busby reflects on the IT landscape in Northern Ireland and talks about the changes he has seen take place over the last 5 years.

How Setbacks Can Be Positive Parts Of Your CV

14 Sep 2018

So-called setbacks in your CV can actually be regarded as some of its positive aspects. We explore how to frame these in a positive way

Struggling with accountancy exams? We explore how an exam coach can help

6 Sep 2018

Stephen Turkington talks with James Perry, owner of James talks about his background as an accountant and how coaching can help focus you for exams and help you achieve a work/life balance.

Written by: Stephen Turkington