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The Pearls and Perils of Social Media

19 Feb 2019

We explore the pearls and perils of social media use and look at some recent examples.


Learning Valuable and Marketable Skills Through Investing

14 Feb 2019

Investing in the stock market doesn't just yield financial rewards. The skills and experience gained can be just a valuable. We explore some of these in our latest blog.


Are you making your best impression?

12 Feb 2019

Today we are in a market driven by the top talent and their ability for choice. Good talent will be active for a short period of time so it is up to you as an employer of choice to make a positive, lasting impression. Simple things can be identified in the first instance which seem non-sensical to highlight.

Top 5 reasons to work for PA Consulting

6 Feb 2019

We explore the Top 5 reasons on why your next career move should be to PA Consulting.

First Impressions Count – The Need For A Good CV

6 Feb 2019

I believe the key tool to making an imprint on a potential employer really comes from your CV. Your CV is your first introduction to a perspective employer, it’s a really excellent tool and will work well for you in your career if you do it correctly.