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How to get more out of your working day

25 Apr 2019

If you’re just struggling through the working day tired and counting the hours until you get to be in bed again, there are some steps you can take. Have a read through to see how you can improve your daily grind.

Ever feel like you’re sleep-working?

17 Apr 2019

It used to be customary to start off in a particular career and follow that path until you retire. Luckily that’s not the case in todays working world as we are empowered to change industry or role with relative ease

What they don’t tell you about starting a career in Audit

10 Apr 2019

Considering a career in audit? Specialist recruitment consultant Sara Mitchell talks about what they don’t tell you about starting a career in Audit


How to Attract and Recruit Today's Technical Talent

11 Mar 2019

David McCrisken, manager of technical and engineering at MCS Group, explains how companies can effectively attract and recruit the best of today’s technical talent.

Northern Ireland has the skills for tomorrow’s economy

22 Feb 2019

The global search for tech talent shows no sign of abating, with companies competing for qualified people in every region in Northern Ireland

Written by: InvestNI