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Contractor Tax Relief & WFH

24 Nov 2020

Are you working remotely full time? Are you aware of expenditure that you may be entitled to claim tax relief on? Find out what you are entitled to here.


The Benefits of Hiring Contractors

19 Nov 2020

The market is massive, and it is an increasingly popular option for companies to hire a contractor. But, why?


Managing a hybrid team in the new normal

4 Aug 2020

Hybrid working is on the horizon for millions of office workers, ushering in the 'new normal'. However, with many new ways of working, success is dependent on successful implementation and management.


90 Days Since Lockdown

22 Jun 2020

An overview of the past 90 days of lockdown in Northern Ireland and how recruitment has been affected.


4 reasons why it's now more important than ever to be investing in your future career

18 Jun 2020

At a time when businesses are feverishly planning for the future, here's my take on why it's just as important that we are all individually doing the same..