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Cybercrime threat to law firms; How are you protecting data and client information?

12 Nov 2019

Cyber Security is a risk for all organisations. The increased use of technology and evolving forms of data storage and communication present new forms of risk to businesses. Cybercrime is at the forefront of these risks with the annual cost to the UK estimated at £27 billion.

How companies are attracting top talent in the IT & Digital industry

23 Oct 2019

We have summarised some points from candidates we’ve recently placed in FDIs for their reasons and reflections on joining new entrants to the market.

Moving Towards Sustainability In The Workplace: Small Steps Every Company Can Take Today

9 Oct 2019

As consumers strive to adopt more sustainable practices in their everyday life, the focus is now on what companies are doing to join the fight to protect the environment.


How can Northern Ireland Qualified Lawyers Practise in the Republic of Ireland?

7 Oct 2019

For Northern Ireland lawyers, there are several options for them practising in Ireland and the process of joining the roll of solicitors in Ireland is relatively straight forward.


So you have a marketing degree, now what?

30 Sep 2019

You’ve got your degree…it’s definitely Marketing related…you’ve applied to graduate-level roles in Marketing, but you’ve heard nothing. Here is what to do.