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Using technology to support diversity, equality, and inclusion efforts in recruitment

17 Jun 2021

When technology is used in your recruitment efforts, you are more likely to attract and employ more diverse candidates. We explore a number of ways in which technology can support diversity, equality, and inclusion when you are recruiting.


Achieving a Diverse and Inclusive workplace

9 Jun 2021

As we enter pride month, the spotlight is yet again shown on the issue of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We discuss some benefits of embracing a diverse staff and why you should embrace diversity.


The Competitive Advantage of the Small Business Exemption.

1 Jun 2021

A reform to IR35 carries with it a Small Business Exemption. Under this exemption, the liability for deciding tax/employment status remains with the contractor. These are the criteria a business must satisfy to qualify for the exemption.


On the hunt for quick and easy ways to boost your motivation levels while working from home?

27 May 2021

Love it or hate it, hybrid working is here to stay but staying motivated can be a real struggle. Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated and productive while working from home.


The Differences Between Having Employees And Contractors On Staff

22 Apr 2021

More employers are discovering the benefits of hiring contractors in their businesses. But what are the main differences between the two? Read on to find out more