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15 Feb 2022

An insight into how clients are measuring the impact of agencies and the danger of measuring being busy, over productiveness.

Written by: Sean Devlin

The Robots Are Coming, And We Need to Adapt.

2 Mar 2018

I came away from the “Future of work in NI Summit” event this week with my mind full of thoughts and ideas. The guys at Catalyst Inc put on a fantastic event at the Waterfront Hall with World Class speakers and an array of talent and innovaters sharing ideas in the one room.


When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Recruiter?

22 Mar 2017

Recruitment isn’t usually an industry that people dream of getting into but rather fall into by chance, however it is a career that many people love and thrive in and certainly never feel bored.

The 5 Need-to-Know Areas of A Job Contract

14 Aug 2015

Congratulations, you've found a great new job! The salary is where it needs to be, the roles and duties take you where you want to go and you have bonded with the hiring manager throughout the interview – life is good. However, be careful what you are signing as not all contracts are the same.

Recruitment ‘CONSULTANTS’...It’s in the Name!

20 Nov 2014

Working with a Recruitment Consultant for the first time can pose many questions for new candidates coming to MCS: What do we do? How do we do it? How can we get the best out of this person trying to find me the next step in my career?