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Learning Valuable and Marketable Skills Through Investing

14 Feb 2019

Investing in the stock market doesn't just yield financial rewards. The skills and experience gained can be just a valuable. We explore some of these in our latest blog.


Why Healthcare is the Future of Computer Science

17 Jan 2019

Why Healthcare is the Future of Computer Science and what is Northern Ireland doing about it?


Finding Work In The Freelance Economy

15 Nov 2018

With the rise of the 'Gig Economy', we explore ways on how to find great jobs that suit you.

How Setbacks Can Be Positive Parts Of Your CV

14 Sep 2018

So-called setbacks in your CV can actually be regarded as some of its positive aspects. We explore how to frame these in a positive way

How To Use Your Hobby To Improve Your Career Prospects

21 Aug 2018

Can your hobby improve your career prospects? We think so.