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MCS Recruitment Process – How does it work?

So, once you apply online, what happens next?

Once you apply a CV is received, an acknowledgement email will be sent within 48 hours and your CV will be screened against the criteria of the role. Our target is to notify you of the outcome within five days (allowing for weekends and any public holidays) and if successful MCS will call you to discuss the opportunity further.

The Recruitment Process

For all roles, the first stage will involve a face to face biographical interview and if successful you will be requested to complete an online Psychometric Assessment, from home, within 48 hours of receiving a notification.

Successful candidates, both trainee and experienced, will be invited to an assessment and competency interview with one of our Divisional Managers and Senior Management Team members, this stage takes approx. 2.5 hours.

For senior recruitment and management roles we may also include a final stage assessment, this often involves a presentation to a panel which includes one of MCS directors.


This is extremely important to the MCS Group, so if you have completed our recruitment process we are happy to give feedback and provide advice whatever the outcome.