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Sales – A Horrible Life of Cold-Calling, Rejection & Impossible Targets or The Most Rewarding Career in Northern Ireland

18 Aug 2017

We address the misconception that a sales role is a dead-end career that is all about cold-calling, rejections and being hammered by cruel managers who set unrealistic targets.

Considering a Career Change? Have you Thought About Joining an SME?

24 Jul 2017

Although a smaller organisation may not have the draw of a recognised brand name, in joining an SME you will often experience the opportunity to make a greater impact than in most larger firms.

Are You Getting Lost in the Grad Job Hunt?

10 Jul 2017

With graduation season just about to wrap up, I’m sure most of you are reflecting on your time at university and how you are going to make the next steps in your life. It can be daunting and terrifying but it can also be really exciting.

Are you Ready to Make the Lucrative Step from a Call Centre to a Career in IT Sales?

5 Jul 2017

The contact centre industry provides Northern Ireland with an important volume of jobs and is key part of the local economy. For many it offers a sound employment option but for others it is very often a stepping stone to the next career move, whatever this may be.

Just Graduated? What is your Next Step?

28 Jun 2017

Your first role is a pretty big deal, and will help you develop a strong base in whatever sector or technology you choose to specialise in. With that in mind, I have put together some words of advice to help you choose the right role for you.