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Just Graduated? What is your Next Step?

28 Jun 2017

Your first role is a pretty big deal, and will help you develop a strong base in whatever sector or technology you choose to specialise in. With that in mind, I have put together some words of advice to help you choose the right role for you.

Is your Recruiter working for you? Some comments on culture, service and choice…

30 Mar 2017

If your recruiter isn’t listening to you and what you want in a career move, you’re working with the wrong recruiter!

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Recruiter?

22 Mar 2017

Recruitment isn’t usually an industry that people dream of getting into but rather fall into by chance, however it is a career that many people love and thrive in and certainly never feel bored.

Brona Cathcart...Bringing Global Experience back to Northern Ireland at MCS

30 Jan 2017

MCS Group was founded with a view to improving standards and setting a new benchmark for quality within the Northern Ireland recruitment industry.

My Kind of Job: Chris Busby, MCS Group

30 Dec 2016

Senior IT Recruitment Consultant Chris Busby tells us more about his role at MCS Group, a firm of ethical recruitment specialists based in Belfast.